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nobility / знать, благородство, дворянство
имя существительное
nobility, aristocracy, notables, gentlefolks, peerage, dignity
nobility, nobleness, generosity, dignity, honor, splendor
nobility, gentry, knighthood, noblesse, gentlefolk, gentlefolks
имя существительное
the quality of being noble in character, mind, birth, or rank.
Such a limitation requires a strong breed of man, however, with a quality of character and nobility of soul.
the group of people belonging to the noble class in a country, especially those with a hereditary or honorary title.
a member of the English nobility
a man of nobility and learning
The basic premise of the story is that noble birth doesn't guarantee a noble person and nobility can be present in the most humble peasant.
The yardstick for gauging the inherent nobility of a character in major films these days is the slowness of the slow-motion in which their death is captured.
At such moments nobility and strength of character propel us way beyond our means to be kind and helpful.
The night of 4 August also transformed the character of the French nobility .
after 1722 nobility was only acquired by service in the army or bureaucracy
I, of course, have remained above all this, not out of any nobility of character, but out of sheer laziness.
For the landowning nobility , the portents were not good.
But the English nobility keep themselves to themselves and only dine with the pick of the bunch.
She was reputedly of great beauty, and aside from that also possessed much grace, kindness, nobility , and, among other things, charm.