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no-good / нестоящая вещь, нестоящий человек, плут
имя существительное
нестоящая вещь
нестоящий человек
no-good, snipper-snapper
rogue, rascal, cheat, knave, crook, no-good
имя прилагательное
cheesy, shoddy, trashy, worthless, lousy, no-good
никуда не годный
cheesy, useless, wretched, bastardly, misbegotten, no-good
waste, no-good
имя прилагательное
(of a person) contemptible; worthless.
a no-good layabout
имя существительное
a worthless or contemptible person.
The election was stolen, according to her, which I guess proves that 59 million people are not only dumb, they are also a cheating bunch of no-goods who deserve what they're about to get in the next four years.
We have a protective nurturing mother who has been deserted by her no-good husband.
She lives upstairs and comes down the fire escape to visit Jack whenever her no-good mom is entertaining, which is a lot.
Willy Harris makes no physical appearance in the play, yet is mentioned several times as a no-good scoundrel.
She said, ‘Tell that no-good swine that I'm going out with the girls tonight and he'd better get a takeaway as there's no way I'm letting him turn my kitchen into a bomb site.’
Translation: my mum's various no-good boyfriends made my childhood a misery, so this time, I'm doing the picking.
Most Americans seem to have no problem with the fact that, in their view, a lot of nasty, no-good people are put to death each year.
She's much too young for the kind of life she's forced to lead, much too young to be bashed up by a no-good husband, and much too gutsy to let all this get her down.
When his beloved daughter Chantelle's no-good fiancé jilts her, Eddy is desperate to cheer her up.
Latrice evokes laughter when she states plainly that she is thankful to be rid of her no-good husband.
‘It is all because of that no-good thief,’ she whispered.