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no-fault / нет вины
никакой недостаток
no shortage
имя прилагательное
not assigning fault or blame, in particular.
Workers' compensation programs emerged as no-fault systems in order to mitigate employee and employer problems associated with filing claims under tort law.
Of course, many marriages end in an easily arranged divorce, but even in this new era of no-fault divorces, they still must be done before a magistrate and be accompanied by a careful allocation of property and children.
Propose an amendment banning no-fault divorce and we can talk.
Back in 1974 Australia was very close to introducing a national no-fault scheme - a model that now operates in New Zealand.
We are pleased to see that this bill does specify a general no-fault approach to accident compensation for treatment injuries, because this is a big step forward.
My husband and I, after a long time of careful thinking and talking, have decided to end our marriage with a no-fault dissolution.
Justice Sheahan recommends that workers should not have to choose between taking common law action or taking benefits under the no-fault scheme.
Then there are the no-fault divorce laws which make it easy for one partner to walk away from a marriage but still be entitled to a half of the joint assets.
Alongside its dramatic demographic consequences, no-fault divorce prompted a sea change in conventional understandings of marriage.
The authors detail a number of alternatives including the accident compensation scheme in New Zealand and the no-fault compensation scheme that operates in Finland.