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nitwit / дурак, ничтожество, олух
имя существительное
fool, stupid, idiot, goof, mutt, nitwit
nothingness, nonentity, nullity, nobody, cipher, nitwit
booby, blockhead, clod, loggerhead, dullard, nitwit
имя существительное
a silly or foolish person (often as a general term of abuse).
Then I found out I was just a sentimental schmuck like those flighty nitwits I've always pitied.
The eager anticipation of these voters tells me they did not stand in line for hours & hours, in pouring rain, to vote for an incompetent nitwit .
The nitwit concerned is a TV pundit and author of a textbook widely used in American universities.
Gone are the hammy chuckles and the nitwitted sidekicks.
I was neither one of those nitwits who wasted my time on a futile endeavor to provoke her, nor one of the curious who was drawn to this unusual character.
All of her mother's friends were rich and air-headed, and so were their husbands, so it was no wonder that their children were empty-headed nitwits with no sense of humor and an extreme lack for adventure.
There is a local group of mostly middle aged nitwits who still indulge in this so-called hobby.
And how do these nitwits account for the fact that, for the last thirty years, the laser reflectors and radio sensors on the Moon have been transmitting terabytes of data back to Earth?
And he's making several generations of pro golfers look like nitwits .
A lot of people are compassionate and it's a good thing they're around to clean up the mess of nitwitted right wing policies like school vouchers, privatized social security, and abstinence focused sex ed.
They have much better people than this team of nitwits .