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nitroglycerine / нитроглицерин
имя существительное
nitroglycerine, soup, blasting oil
Combining the acids with the glycerine into the resultant yellow oily liquid of nitroglycerine was a hazardous process requiring strict temperature control.
However, we're talking about a very energetic material composed, usually, of nitrocellulose and nitroglycerine .
The scanner, the size of a small copy machine, uses spectrometry that can detect a billionth of a gram of explosives, such as TNT and nitroglycerine .
The tense 1953 film has four desperate men delivering two truckloads of extremely explosive nitroglycerine via a nearly impassable South American jungle road.
The explosive power of nitroglycerine had been recognised but it was a dangerous, volatile substance which no-one had managed to harness safely.
Mixed with the rampant hormones of the teen years, this combination becomes as explosive and unstable as nitroglycerine .
Recently, nitroglycerine (glyceryl trinitrate) has been suggested as a tocolytic agent because it showed no significant side effects in animal studies and limited human studies.
The resulting nitroglycerine was packed in bombs detonated by a pistol connected to an alarm clock.
The two returned to Sweden in 1863 and Alfred Nobel concentrated on developing nitroglycerine as an explosive.
Both nitroglycerine and TNT, two of the most powerful explosives in existence, can trace their origins to this race in research during the nineteenth century.