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nitrate / нитрат, соль или эфир азотной кислоты
имя существительное
соль или эфир азотной кислоты
имя прилагательное
nitrate, nitric acid
имя существительное
a salt or ester of nitric acid, containing the anion NO 3 − or the group —NO 3.
Many nitrates are ionic in nature, but heavy metal nitrates and anhydrous nitrates have covalently bonded nitrate groups.
treat (a substance) with nitric acid (typically a concentrated mixture of nitric and sulfuric acids), especially so as to introduce nitro groups.
When nitrobenzene is nitrated with nitric and sulfuric acids, for example, 93 percent of the substituted groups end up at meta positions.
For instance, the nitrogen cycle in the atmosphere is highly complex with a number of variables affecting the nitrate and nitric acid generation that can end up in the ice.
Residual nitrate will remain in the soil from previous years' fertilization as well as from mineralized soil organic matter.
Tolerance, and with it loss of antianginal effect, develops with long-term use of any form of nitrate .
By depositing proteins as monolayers onto gold colloids, the aim will be to develop biosensors for nitrate and nitric oxide with detection capabilities approaching those of natural bacterial cells.
If nitrate leaches below the root zone it eventually contaminates the groundwater.
fish-fry populations are damaged by nitrate
For example, a mixture of concentrated nitric and sulfuric acids will nitrate benzene.
The effects of nitrate on various species range from gross toxicity to more subtle changes in physiology and development.
nitrate of soda
He is further accused of faxing an inquiry to a chemical company about purchasing urea nitrate - a fertiliser - using a false company name, and of using a false name to obtain a mobile phone number.