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nite / конечны
It was the young girl who was playing with Luca the nite before.
Its a real shame that no one goes out on a Wednesday nite as the music is great and the doormen are delicious!
I think it was the smallest nite spot I have ever seen, tucked away in a basement on a little known back street.
The locals are friendly, but the nite life is not up to metropolitan standards according to those who study such matters.
As the show ended, the crowd lumbered unable to digest that the nite was over.
The organisers now say they only had plans to organise a music nite featuring young singers.
I didn't get much sleep last nite
You really helped me the other nite , which leads me to think you're a great friend too.
In it, there is a young man waking up in the morning after a nite of excess and liquor.
It was all great grist for the late nite comics last night.