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nirvana / нирвана
имя существительное
the days of socialist nirvana in Europe are over
Transcendental concepts like Buddhahood and nirvana may well represent our ultimate goal, but we will never become a Buddha by ignoring our immediate human condition.
But then, this is nirvana for these gamers, whose eyes gleam with menace as they extinguish yet another virtual life.
Either way, the economy is far from a nirvana for women.
And they call liberation moksha and not nirvana as suggested by the author.
Most cyclists yearn for a nirvana where there are no hills and the prevailing wind is always at your back.
They alone are allowed to touch the Linga because they have received the proper initiations, especially the nirvana diksha.
For a guy who basks in the limelight, it was nirvana .
But a funny thing happened on the way to this war-based Republican nirvana .
This is true gear-head nirvana , where rapier-shaped chrome speedboats with names like Lick This and Eliminator roast the water.