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nipple / сосок, соска, ниппель
имя существительное
nipple, teat, tit, dug, pap
nipple, pacifier, dummy, soother, comforter, baby's dummy
nipple, union
имя существительное
the small projection in which the mammary ducts of female mammals terminate and from which milk can be secreted.
A cleft in the roof of the mouth makes it difficult for the baby to suck forcefully enough to draw milk through a nipple .
a small projection on a device or machine, especially one from which oil, grease, or other fluid is dispensed in small amounts.
It should be noted that this rim is so strong that even with seven nipples starting to pull out of the rim, it was barely out of true.
provide (something) with a projection like a nipple.
rocks nippled with limpets
A barrel shaped coil spring is snapped over the nipple and positively retained thereto.
Connect the hose to the hose nipple found on the bottom of the faucet.
These balls were rammed home after the powder charge was placed in each cylinder and a nipple on each cap.
it is crucial to remove the cap or nipple of the baby's bottle before heating
She no longer had to be guided to the bottle's nipple , grabbing it expertly and with gusto.
There's no health risk in having an inverted nipple .
To assemble the unit, thread the nipple into the ball valve, then thread the nipple into the bushing.
If you leak breast milk, press down on the nipple with the heel of your hand or put pressure across your chest by crossing your arms.
It's caused by friction when the nipple rubs against fabric.
This pushes the milk to the nipple , and releases it as the baby feeds.