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nip / пресечь, щипать, тяпнуть
nip, set a limit
tweak, pluck, pinch, nip, bite, tingle
имя существительное
capture, grab, taking, seizure, grip, nip
sip, drink, gulp, mouthful, swallow, nip
pinch, tweak, nip
имя существительное
a sharp pinch, squeeze, or bite.
His fair hand made a gesture to touch the dog's face but was rewarded by a painful nip from her sharp fangs.
a small quantity or sip of liquor.
The first few nights Mom slipped me half a Vicodin and a nip of Benedictine brandy.
pinch, squeeze, or bite sharply.
the dog nipped him on the leg
defeat by a narrow margin.
steal or snatch (something).
if I nipped a five-dollar bill I could slip it back the next day
take a sip or sips of liquor.
the men nipped from the bottle
имя существительное
a Japanese person.
a strong beak which can deliver a serious nip
Our largest native flying bird can deliver a nasty nip and the males know no fear when it comes to the defence of their mates and nestlings.
Jake quickly crossed the street in front of the small run-down 7-11 on Main Street and ran in before the cold air had the chance to nip at his nose.
Probably the best time to visit is spring or autumn when the sharp nip in the air is still a welcome novelty and makes sight-seeing on foot more pleasant.
For Heaven's sake, have a nip of whiskey.
The air was that perfect refreshing nip of cold, just enough to tint the cheeks pink, and the topaz sky was cloudless and cheery, even in the late morning.
With every handshake my glass was topped up with a nip of whisky and by 1am I was feeling rather wobbly.
One young lady advised a nip of Cointreau liqueur just prior to starting as it coated the throat and calmed her nerves.
I want to run into the surf and away again screaming as the waves coldly nip at my ankles.
Coax her into splashing just a nip of Bailey's into your coffee (it'll look like cream) or maybe just a sip of Absolut into your Evian bottle.