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nine-to-five / с девяти до пяти
имя прилагательное
used in reference to typical hours of work in an office, often to express an idea of routine or predictability.
a nine-to-five job
имя существительное
a nine-to-five job.
‘I've done nine-to-fives and there's nothing wrong with them ’, Gervais says, ‘but you don't live to work: you live for the evenings and weekends, and have other ambitions’.
There are five main alternatives to the standard five-day, nine-to-five week: job sharing, telecommuting, compressed time, flextime and part-time work.
It should allow them to become accustomed to the nine-to-five routine of their future adopted parents.
Sault Sainte Marie, a northern-tier border town surrounded by water, unproductive farmland, and national forests, is not on a typical nine-to-five office schedule.
She meets a York woman who has swapped the nine-to-five to make Christmas cakes and puddings full-time from home.
Like most of his fellow adventurers, he is fleeing not just the confines of class and England but those of home and hearth - the wife and kids, the nine-to-five - as well.
The world of music could have been denied the voice of Clare Teal and she could have settled into the mundane life of the nine-to-five office world, but once again luck was on her side.
Now, almost ten years later, I've got a nine-to-five (in the action sports industry) so when I squeeze 25 days out of the season I'm stoked.
I've never thought of doing a normal job - I could never do a nine-to-five .
It's a corner in the kitchen or bedroom where we've managed to shoehorn household bills, paperwork brought home from the nine-to-five and often a computer.
If your favourite part of the nine-to-five routine is lunchtime, maybe it's time to give your tired, typing hands something tasty to cook up.