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nimbus / нимб, ореол, дождевое облако
имя существительное
nimbus, halo, glory, aureole, gloria, gloriole
halo, aureole, nimbus, halation, glory, aureola
дождевое облако
имя существительное
a luminous cloud or a halo surrounding a supernatural being or a saint.
This boy monk had a halo around him, a nimbus of purity, divinity, and godliness.
a large gray rain cloud.
nimbus clouds
Mara stood there, face incandescent with rage, eyes blazing with purple wrath and entire body outlined in a shimmering nimbus of terrible light.
A dull robin's egg-blue canvas, bearing ever-so-faint gray diagonal streaks that recall dark nimbus clouds, functions mainly as a visual texture.
Ronnie took another lazy drag on her cigarette, blowing the stale grey smoke in a small cloud up towards the ceiling, where it gathered in a dirty nimbus around the sickly yellow light bulb.
a nimbus of power played around him, brighter than lightning
nimbus clouds
The blue nimbus soon engulfed them and vanished from view.
Nobody noticed the dark man hovering in the sky, away from the setting sun or the moon, as he watched the spectacle, before he disappeared in a nimbus of smoke.
Outside it was still dark, but there was a hint of pink on the eastern horizon, a small nimbus of light that proclaimed the coming of the sun.
The Serengeti: under the lowering anvil nimbus , electric storms stutter on the horizon.
Suddenly, the faint silver nimbus around her flared.