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nightshirt / ночная рубашка, мужская ночная рубашка
имя существительное
ночная рубашка
nightgown, nightshirt, nightdress, nightie, nighty, sleepwear
мужская ночная рубашка
имя существительное
a long, loose shirt worn to bed.
From the chest at the foot of my bed I unfolded a white cotton nightshirt and loose cotton pants that tied with a drawstring.
Ashlee looked down at her overly large nightshirt , and blushed.
He was wearing a pair of pajama pants and a long sleeved nightshirt , both of which looked very warm.
He tried to sit up, plucking absently at the loose blue and white striped nightshirt , rubbing at an eye as he looked round the room.
I freed my arms and pushed myself up on my elbows, realizing with a start that I was dressed in a long, threadbare nightshirt .
Hitting the ground, she was running almost immediately, nightshirt flying about her flashing legs.
The man, in nightshirt and nightcap, his splayed legs towards you, lies on a sheet pulled from the bed.
I spread my arms wide for a moment, letting the drafts in my room play across my loose nightshirt and breeches.
She was curled up in a cozy little ball with her arms around her knees, nightshirt trailing beneath her like a ghostly shroud, not quite touching the floor.
Rolling off my bed, I padded across the floor wearing knee high stripped (pink and black) socks with my thigh length Care Bear nightshirt .
I felt cold in my ratty old nightshirt with the holes in it.