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nightmare / кошмар, ужас, страшный сон
имя существительное
nightmare, incubus, riding-hag, night-hag
horror, terror, consternation, nightmare, atrocity, recoil
страшный сон
имя существительное
a frightening or unpleasant dream.
I had nightmares after watching the horror movie
We take a simple consumption tax and turn it into a complicated nightmare .
But he has avoided his own worst nightmare , which is that of missing life entirely.
Before I could do anything else, my worst nightmare happened, right before my eyes.
I gulped as I gently set the phone back into the cradle and turn to face my worst nightmare .
The twentieth century was scarred by the nightmare of Hitler's dream for the Aryan race.
an astronaut's worst nightmare is getting detached during an extravehicle activity
Class sizes rose and clashing tests made drawing up an examination timetable a nightmare .
For many it can be a communications nightmare on top of an already challenging situation.
When I looked down at the bottom of the cliff it was my worst nightmare .
A few hours later, after having been dragged out of the hotel at gunpoint, my worst nightmare had come true.