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nightly / ночной, еженощный, случающийся каждую ночь
имя прилагательное
night, nightly, nocturnal, overnight, sleeping, vespertine
случающийся каждую ночь
at night, nights, nighttime, nightly, in the nighttime, between two days
по ночам
nights, nightly, on nights, o'nights
имя прилагательное
happening or done every night.
his prime-time, nightly TV talk show
happening, done, or existing in the night.
In Waterford, this would mean that the basic city daily rate would climb to €5.50 while the nightly rate will stand at €7.
every night.
the hotel features live music nightly
At those parties, which happen nightly , a Russian polka/rock band plays.
The cage biting behaviour is totally new - the first time I'd ever seen him do it was last weekend, now it's happening nightly .
During the wave of corporate crimes and bankruptcies occurring in 2001, 2002 he spoke nightly of these things.
Even long-time residents don't realise how many events happen daily and nightly in this diverse, cosmopolitan city.
I never managed to figure out what caste was represented by $500,000 homes and nightly deliveries of doublemelt pizza.
Their Chinese opponents were supported by powerful artillery and mortars, and adept in the continual nightly patrolling contest in no-man's land between the lines.
To make the meal more authentic, it is accompanied by live Cajun music nightly .
The performance will commence nightly at 8pm sharp.
I don't know if the nightly conferences help or hurt.
Practically all of the resort's twenty-four pubs provide live music nightly throughout the season.