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nightlife / ночная жизнь, ночные развлечения
имя существительное
ночная жизнь
ночные развлечения
имя существительное
social activities or entertainment available at night in a town or city.
The city's nightlife and friendliness is also singled out for praise.
Portoroz, the more established of the two towns, does have a casino and some nightlife .
Despite the absence of Irish pubs and techno bars, we found the local nightlife impressive for such a small town.
Take an end-of-summer city break in Oslo and enjoy the bustling nightlife as the bars fill up to catch the end of the midnight sun.
On my second night in Saipan I went to a beach bar, where I first experienced the local nightlife .
Southend's police chief today spoke of his fears over the town's booming nightlife .
I explored so much nightlife and low-life that I only went home to sleep.
nightlife is varied, with open-air concerts, bars and a disco
Underneath, I guessed, the silent town had its own nightlife , the pubs and the brothels.
They want entertainment, shops, nightlife and their workplace within easy walking distance.
The nightlife in any city is to be calibrated by its accessibility to the largest population groups.