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nightingale / соловей
имя существительное
nightingale, Philomel, Philomela
имя существительное
a small European thrush with drab brownish plumage, noted for the rich melodious song of the male, heard especially at night in breeding season.
But diet extends to a selection of birds including warblers and even swallows, wheatears and nightingales .
He worried about the future of the golden eagle, the osprey and the nightingale and he condemned the persecution of the bullfinch.
Leonard captures the essence of the nightingale 's song in this piece, with layered beauty, utilizing a couple of unusual instruments in the process.
The nightingale and woodcock have completely disappeared.
The pipes now struck a chord with the sorrowful, organic quality of the nightingale 's song.
The bird is a notorious skulker, tending to show itself only momentarily, and is as difficult to see well as a nightingale .
I heard a nightjar, and our nightingale gave us a virtuoso performance but still, no cuckoo.
Our love of beauty may not be as intense as that of a Keats whom the full - throated melody of a nightingale 's song could transport to the land of the fairies.
Or again, the blowing of a car horn just outside the room in which one is meditating might occasion unpleasant feelings, the song of a nightingale might occasion pleasant ones, or the sound of rain might occasion neither.
In a bit of incredible but completely appropriate timing, the Fisherman sings ‘Oh, God above, how beautiful it is’ as the nightingale 's song is heard.
Invited to hear him, the king declined, saying he had heard the nightingale itself.