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nightie / ночнушка, ночная рубашка
имя существительное
nightie, nighty
ночная рубашка
nightgown, nightshirt, nightdress, nightie, nighty, sleepwear
имя существительное
a nightgown.
She's so pretty, lying there in that pink nightie .
I could hear the billowing of her flannelette nightie as she swooped down the hallway, huffing and puffing with determination.
She peered over her shoulder, studying her body in the peach silk nightie .
She wore a white lace nightie exposing her neck.
The next performer is Liza who was wearing a green baby doll nightie over some jeans.
Her hair hung around her face in shining ringlets and she was wearing a flowing blue silk nightie .
The girls all cheered as Chris held up a black lacy nightie from a deep red box.
Jocelyn pushed back her covers and stepped out of bed wearing her lacy, deep violet nightie .
She sits up in her light lilac nightie with the summer bed sheets surrounding her on their thick feather stuffed bed.
Liza was in there, a dressing gown falling off her shoulders to reveal a hastily retrieved nightie and slippers that were so fluffy they were hardly distinguishable as shoes at all.
I was moving Bea's bags out of the way, taking out the few things I thought she might need - a change of nightie , some bottles of Lucozade.