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nightgown / ночная рубашка, ночная сорочка
имя существительное
ночная рубашка
nightgown, nightshirt, nightdress, nightie, nighty, sleepwear
ночная сорочка
nightgown, nightdress
имя существительное
a light, loose garment worn by a woman or child in bed.
She was in a light blue nightgown with little clouds on it.
a dressing gown.
The floor was dusty and Carmen cringed at the sight of her dirty, torn nightgown .
She made sure no one was watching, and changed from her nightgown to a light dress.
I just had on my light weight snow blue nightgown that went to my ankles.
She was dressed now in a silk woven gauzy nightgown .
I watched June walk across the living room toward the kitchen wearing a light purple nightgown and satiny bathrobe.
She was in a loose nightgown that was falling from her shoulder, but she didn't care.
She got up, pulling another long cotton nightgown out.
I am wearing a red flannel nightgown with buttons and white snowflakes.
She wore a light blue nightgown with teddy bears on it and black wristbands.
Drew entered their bedroom to see Marietta still in bed, wearing a light, cotton nightgown and her dark hair in a long braid down her back.