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nightfall / сумерки, наступление ночи
имя существительное
dusk, twilight, nightfall, gloaming, candlelight, crepuscule
наступление ночи
имя существительное
the onset of night; dusk.
By nightfall more than a thousand mourners crammed the streets outside the main gates.
He looked upon the peasant girls face to see that even nightfall could not deter her curious nature.
By nightfall , the British squad lay proudly on top of the medals table for Olympic rowing.
I reckon you can make it across the desert and back long before nightfall , if speed is your aim.
I was woken just before nightfall , by Erin sitting down on the bed I had conjured up.
At nightfall they got to within forty yards of the Aboriginal camp before the dogs detected them.
we had to get back by nightfall
Like clockwork, the structures form in the afternoon and break down after nightfall .
So he had begun to bang against the door, hoping against hope that he could get out before nightfall .
At nightfall the trickster returned, and when the two men saw him, they turned their fury on him.
They had to get out of the forest before nightfall , but the edge of the terrain was at least two days travel.