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nightdress / ночная рубашка, ночная сорочка
имя существительное
ночная рубашка
nightgown, nightshirt, nightdress, nightie, nighty, sleepwear
ночная сорочка
nightgown, nightdress
She pulled a nightdress and jumper from the piles of colourless garments and walked to the bathroom.
Back in my room I quickly pulled my hair out of its bun and brushed it neatly, grabbed a nightdress and dressing gown and then went back to Gerald's room.
Beth hastily pulled on her nightdress , while Louis frantically rummaged around for his pyjama trousers.
Bleakly, he smiled at her and watched as she set the tea on the table, her white nightdress flowing underneath the dress coat that she wore.
As Gail listened, she jumped out of bed, slipped on a pair of slippers, and pulled on a warm sweater over her nightdress .
I quickly snatch up the nightdress they had left me, along with underwear, and quickly put them on before hurrying outside and down the stairs.
Renna was now aware that she was only wearing a light nightdress .
Pulling a robe over her nightdress , she cautiously left the room.
She headed back towards her room, slipped on her nightdress , and slept some more.
She had exchanged the nightdress for a pale green cotton gown.