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nightclub / ночной клуб
имя существительное
ночной клуб
nightclub, night spot, bottle-party
посещать ночные клубы
nightspot, nightclub
имя существительное
an establishment for nighttime entertainment, typically serving drinks and offering music, dancing, etc..
Bars, clubs, nightclubs , sports and shopping facilities are also featured.
Chefs have been a part of my life ever since I opened my first nightclub in Sheffield in 1969.
Police targeted young people before they arrived at a weekly disco at a Bolton nightclub .
Clubbers are in for a treat as a new nightclub is set to open its doors to the public.
He then moved into estate agency before opening his first nightclub The Caroline in Atherton.
Her other project for this year is to open an exclusive nightclub in the West End of London.
It says licensees of the remaining 20 per cent of pubs and nightclubs can choose whether to ban smoking.
The bars, restaurants, bistros and nightclubs are teeming with them, all spending easily.
In Spain huge-capacity nightclubs stay open all night but are sited well out of town.
Bars, clubs, nightclubs , sports and shopping facilities are also featured.
They're lovable jerks and idiots with more dimension than the average comedy sidekicks, and luckily Andy survives their doomed regimen of nightclubbing , speed dating, and misplaced mentorship, although barely.