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nightclothes / ночное белье
имя существительное
ночное белье
nightwear, nightclothes
имя существительное
clothes worn to bed.
She quickly changed from her nightclothes into the clothes in the bundle, tucking her trousers into her tie up, saddle boots and her shirt into her trousers.
She slipped from the bed, changing from her nightclothes into the jeans and blue long-sleeve shirt she wore that day.
Jude entered with his soft brown hair amiss and wearing his nightclothes - a white tee shirt and a pair of blue plaid pants.
His bed was unmade, his nightclothes strewn across the floor, and a small, worn book laid on the table beside the bed.
You should also carry an overnight bag with a change of play clothes, a swimsuit, nightclothes and diapers for each child so that you can make your kids comfortable immediately upon arriving.
She was dressed for bed, wearing a green dressing gown over her nightclothes .
When Max came out, she wore a light pink tank top and pink track pants, supposedly her nightclothes .
Walking over to her trunk, she pulled out her shirt, tunic and pants, slipping out of her nightclothes and into the new ones.
Patients should organise someone to launder their nightwear and bring in fresh supplies of nightclothes and toiletries.
All she'd worn was nightclothes and bathrobes for the two years she'd been in there.
One proceeded to dress him in his nightclothes while the other turned back the bedclothes.