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night / ночь, вечер, темнота
имя существительное
night, nighttime
evening, night, soiree, eve, even, reception
darkness, dark, blackness, night, obscurity, gloom
имя прилагательное
night, nightly, nocturnal, overnight, sleeping, vespertine
evening, night, vespertine, extramural, afterdark
имя существительное
the period of darkness in each twenty-four hours; the time from sunset to sunrise.
a moonless night
the period of time between afternoon and bedtime; an evening.
he was not allowed to go out on weekday nights
She was reported missing by her parents on Saturday morning after she failed to return from a night out.
Rates start at £196 per person per night , for a standard room with two people sharing.
We got to put all this domestic bliss into practice last night with a great evening.
The evening is an absorbing night out and one not to be lightly ignored.
Last night I went out for a dinner that was both lovely and very very strange.
Last night we went for dinner with our host for the day, Henny, in Noordwijk.
This night out is then followed the following evening by Martin's birthday drinks down in Soho.
At night the convicts either slept in their seats or, if they were lucky, bunked down at a county jail en route.
a moonless night
We also intend to organize some social activities for example a Christmas night out.