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niggle / придирка
имя существительное
chicane, cavil, chicanery, niggle, quibbling, nip
размениваться на мелочи
niggle, peddle
fool, dupe, niggle, befool, make a fool, blindfold
bother, annoy, nag, bore, pall, niggle
cause slight but persistent annoyance, discomfort, or anxiety.
a suspicion niggled at the back of her mind
имя существительное
a trifling complaint, dispute, or criticism.
It just made impatient about having to wait four weeks before being allowed to leave all my niggles and gripes behind.
It may be something as simple as an annoying niggle , or frustration with his own efforts, but whatever it is, England need to resolve it soon if they are to win this series - and to have any chance of defeating the Australians in the summer.
If there is a niggle , it's that disc one of the two-disc set doesn't have enough on it to properly reflect the scope of Death in Vegas’ work.
colleagues say he loved to niggle and criticize people
he can only throw underarm at the moment because of a niggle
It's always there, sitting at the back of your mind, niggling away at you.
It just niggled at me, and I thought I'd say something.
I was about to reserve a nine-night all-inclusive package to Jamaica during the second week of March when something inside niggled until it came to me.
Aside from one or two niggles , which are expected to clear up in time, Kay is looking at a fairly healthy squad which he is hoping will have benefited from two heavy training sessions during the festive period.
In the light of that, my little niggles and the odd feelings of unhappiness seem pretty trivial.
Whistling a quick tune or two can really help you keep a positive frame of mind when life's little niggles get to you.