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nick / зарубка, зазубрина, щербина
имя существительное
nick, notch, hack, score, snick, cut
notch, barb, nick, hack, indent, indenture
nick, gap, pock
guess, divine, nick, nick it
catch, capture, pick up, catch hold of, hook, nick
sneak, pull off, filch, snatch, nick, snitch
имя прилагательное
abbreviated, shortcut, contracted, concise, clipped, nick
имя существительное
a small cut or notch.
Like the old rifles, the rear sight bears a tiny nick of a sighting notch.
Letters Bernie Ebbers shed a tear or two as he was sentenced to 25 years in the nick for his part in the financial disaster that was WorldCom.
the junction between the floor and sidewalls in a court for playing tennis or squash.
The second semi final was a played at a furious pace with Victor Berg setting the tone of the game hitting the return of serve into the nick to win the first point.
make a nick or nicks in.
he had nicked himself while shaving
cheat someone of (something, typically a sum of money).
he nicked me for fifteen hundred dollars
he'd had his car nicked by joyriders
And that was ok too, because, who didn't, every once in a while, nick themselves shaving?
In order to apply closure to the mayhem, a farmer, driven insane after the loss of his youngest son, arrives in the nick with assorted homemade weapons.
Like the old rifles, the rear sight bears a tiny nick of a sighting notch.
We'll go and put a picket round the 'ville while they're in the nick .
Easdon would step in and punish with his volley, either for depth or occasionally guided crosscourt into the nick .
At the height of the demonstrations we were called up from our South London nick to support the Norfolk guys.
he'll end up in the nick for the rest of his life
I have no desire to read this book, but if I did, I would definitely nick it, or get one of the local thieves to nick it to order.
I'm Sergeant Peter Lees and this is PC Lee Peters from Westing nick .
Ball was up to the challenge and used his low hard drives into the nick to end many rallies of his own.