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nicety / тонкости, привередливость, тонкость
имя существительное
niceties, nicety, cobweb
subtlety, fineness, thinness, finesse, delicacy, nicety
имя существительное
a fine detail or distinction, especially one regarded as intricate and fussy.
she was never interested in the niceties of Greek and Latin
These sub-heads, which are not all very clearly phrased, should accordingly be construed according to their general sense and without too much nicety of language.
This confluence happens 100 yards behind Bath railway station, and matches the city's nicety of line.
she prided herself on her nicety of pronunciation
When asked who would be a good model woman writer she responded, ‘I know of no one better than Miss Jewett to study for technique and nicety of construction.’
she prided herself on her nicety of pronunciation
Last year, Porto brushed aside Monaco; the previous year Milan won on penalties after a match that was long on tactical nicety but short on excitement for the neutral.
The reply skated over the nicety that he has the right to censor key aspects of ISC reports on security grounds, and so will see the text before it is technically presented to him.
That's fine, it's no big deal, and it's said as much as a social nicety than with any intent to actually do it.
Nevertheless, the book is rich in historical nicety culled from scholarly sources, and the avid fan of cultural folklore and the role of fraternal societies will experience it as a tough but rewarding nut to crack.
Fry's displaced neighbors may not have known it, but their financial future hung on a legal nicety - the distinction between real estate and personal property or, in legal terms, chattel.