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nicely / хорошо, приятно, славно
good, well, OK, fine, okay, nicely
pleasantly, nicely, agreeably, kindly, pleasurably, gratefully
nicely, pleasantly, goody-goody
in a pleasant, agreeable, or attractive manner.
nicely dressed in flowered cotton
She was naturally attractive with her cute face and short but nicely curved body.
The sauce was pleasant and the garlic nicely roasted, but the flavours were sleepwalking.
Her light blue dress fitted her thin form nicely , but didn't reveal anything.
The line drifted down nicely but I wasn't sure if I should concentrate on the trout or the indicator.
Out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of Fiona in her violet dress, hair let down nicely .
Tomorrow a really good article is coming out that unpacks this aspect of the story quite nicely .
She too was dressed in a gorgeous lacy yellow dress which contrasted nicely with her long, silky black hair.
With ingredients such as ginseng and tea these pleasantly scented products do the job very nicely .
They appear to be nicely dressed college students with two girls for every boy.
It combines nicely with Glory-of-the-snow which flowers a bit earlier.