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nib / перо, кончик, острие
имя существительное
pen, feather, nib, plume, blade, style
tip, point, nib, neb, peak
point, edge, spearhead, spike, peak, nib
кончик пера
beak, bill, pecker, rostrum, neb, nib
вставлять перо в ручку
чинить гусиное перо
имя существительное
the pointed end part of a pen, which distributes the ink on the writing surface.
Writing was done with nibs fitted into a pen holder.
shelled and crushed coffee or cocoa beans.
In a small bowl, combine the cacao nibs and brown sugar.
At this, Ian pressed his pen so hard into the surface of the paper that he broke his nib .
It may have inspired the design of the post-quillian nib .
His nib catches the paper's grain and a small blot spreads.
An angled nib means the writer can always see the writing - a particular boon for left-handers - and the hand stays in a better position, the inventor claims.
Winston fitted a nib into the penholder and sucked it to get the grease off.
The awards had branched out into so many categories over the years, including Online, and the nib was a reminder of the Walkley's history, the pen, or, more accurately print journalism.
Having discovered through the internet that members of her family invented the pen nib and founded Birmingham University, Leggatt can easily appreciate the lure of the unknown.
A technological marvel, each pen has a little pumping heart that delivers just the correct amount of ink to the tip of the nib - brilliant.
Was given a pen, by a pen shop - Elephant and Coral - who feel that authors should get nice pens (this was a Pilot pen with the nib carved out of the barrel, and looks like it will be a lovely thing to write with).
I like pens that you have to twist to get the nib out.