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newsy / любопытный, богатый новостями, богатый сплетнями
имя прилагательное
curious, nosy, newsy, pry, nosey
богатый новостями
богатый сплетнями
имя существительное
newsboy, journalist, newsman, paperboy, newsy, newshound
продавец газет
paperboy, news vendor, newsboy, newsy
имя прилагательное
full of news, especially of a personal kind.
short, newsy letters
There are new publications, as always, but basically this is a brief review article presented with a misleadingly newsy sort of flavor.
Also in the ‘good idea’ category, Laurie Writes comes up with great suggestion for keeping in touch with all those people you are meaning to write a good newsy email to, one of these days.
An uncle wrote newsy letters to his nephew at college.
This, along with the publication of many newsy items that would not likely be published elsewhere, has certainly benefited all of us who read it.
Now, here is the newsy part: Bangalore is all set to celebrate this big day in a big way.
If you have anything of interest you would like to share with our readers, newsy items, birthdays, or anniversary greetings, etc., Kay Byrne would like to hear from you.
Jokes today are also less visual and far more newsy than they were 40 years ago, when cartoonists could not expect news events to enter the popular consciousness quickly.
The first objective, newsy article on blogging I've seen in a mainstream paper comes from The Irish Times.
I do love my Mum and look forward to her newsy letters, but the chances of me getting Alzheimer Disease also depends on family history.
Between links to sites selling organic cotton T-shirts and handbags made from reclaimed plastic bags are newsy posts - such as one on Safeway's shift to renewable energy - to guide the discriminating green consumer.