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newsworthy / важный, достойный освещения в печати
имя прилагательное
important, great, significant, big, momentous, newsworthy
достойный освещения в печати
имя прилагательное
noteworthy as news; topical.
you had to cover a lot of ground to find anything newsworthy
Still, there was nothing newsworthy in the event in itself until right at the end.
This is partly prejudice; but mostly, it's just that good news is considered less newsworthy .
The event was deemed newsworthy , with this report appearing in the Taranaki Herald two days later.
Well, because a newsworthy event without him in the news makes a politician shudder.
Observers noted that what made the event newsworthy was not that the Fed made an error.
If he had said anything newsworthy or interesting, we would have covered it.
So it was indeed seen as quite newsworthy by reputable journalists and heads of state.
It was interesting but not newsworthy , or not at that point, anyway.
News is always more newsworthy if it could affect me, or you, or someone we know, or someone that they know.
Navy News picked it up from Army Newspaper and deemed it newsworthy .