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newswire / ленты новостей
лента новостей
news feed
служба новостей
news service
имя существительное
an electronically transmitted service providing up-to-the-minute news stories, financial market updates, and other information.
A lengthy Sun presentation briefly popped up on a company web site and was spotted by a trade newswire .
You submit your release to a newswire and they distribute your news to thousands of journalists and editors on their database.
The newswire also reveals the service will be a separate, downloadable application and won't be bundled into Windows Media Player.
Nada told the newswire that he had sent about 30 formal requests for Google to remove copyright material before taking legal action.
In the past, as the headliner for its weekly fashion package, Scripps Howard News Service newswire distributed FOCUS ON STYLE to nearly 400 daily newspapers and websites.
Since earlier mining accidents were disclosed by Internet sources, now the official newswire Xinhua runs to bring that kind of news immediately.
The newswire 's sources suggest IBM is currently in negotiations with the CFIUS to seek ways to allay the committee's fears.
This allows a writer to post a story directly to the newswire from his or her own computer, without going through an editor.
Suggestions that Sony is no longer exclusively dealing with Intel, its traditional CPU partner, emerged earlier this month when a Sony staffer leaked the news to Japanese newswires .
You should note that footage from the major networks and newswires can be very expensive for use in a video game, easily over $1, 000 for 30 seconds of footage.