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newsroom / отдел новостей
имя существительное
отдел новостей
имя существительное
the area in a newspaper or broadcasting office where news is written and edited.
Plus, after ten years in newspaper newsrooms , I actually work better when there are other people around.
There is a general understanding that what goes on in the newsroom stays in the newsroom .
If you truly want a diverse newsroom and copy desk, you've got to do some searching.
The woman patched her through to the newsroom , where a reporter answered the phone.
How many communities are still getting their news from all-white newsrooms ?
The best journalists and newsrooms are ready for these moments and they are adept at applying their guiding principles.
This may be the next step and part of a research agenda for further investigation of Web use in news media newsrooms .
The report catalogued a striking decline in the number of journalists employed in American newsrooms .
While women are the majority sex at campus newspapers men dominate in professional newsrooms .
The great divide between the word people and the visual people is nothing new in newspaper newsrooms .
Often the trainees have Monday in the classroom and the rest of the week in newsrooms or simulated subediting.