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newsreader / диктор последних известий, радиокомментатор, телекомментатор
имя существительное
диктор последних известий
newscaster, newsreader
commentator, newscaster, newsreader
newscaster, newsreader
имя существительное
a computer program for reading messages posted to newsgroups.
Many email programs, newsreaders , RSS feeds, and web browsers have the ability to ‘disable images’.
a newscaster.
For several years, she worked as a producer and newsreader at BBC Radio Lancashire and also on the post-graduate journalist course at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston.
Actor Richard E Grant and newsreader Fiona Bruce are two of the famous names who will try to persuade viewers to vote for their favourite architectural treasure.
The museum, which houses over 100 horses, was due to be officially opened at noon by ITN newsreader Nicholas Owen.
His wife of 16 years is Maria Shriver, NBC newsreader and a niece of former president John F Kennedy, so it is no surprise that Schwarzenegger is into politics as well as being a dedicated do-gooder.
Unfortunately, not all newsreader software (the programs you and I use to access newsgroups) can handle this new method, and that's creating a real bunfight in the binaries newsgroups.
In a distinguished journalism career, Ms Ford made headlines herself when she became ITN's first prime-time female newsreader in 1978.
Among those working for the station at that time was Phil Hayton who went on to be a BBC TV newsreader .
If you think that's an exaggeration, something very similar happened to former ITN newsreader Julia Sommerville a few years back.
This seems to fly in the face of common sense, as Channel 4 newsreader Jon Snow observed in his interview with us.
My resolution never to go into television journalism was formed early, when I went out drinking with a local TV newsreader .
At News 24 he was an evening presenter and newsreader , and also presented the nightly entertainment news show Zero 30.