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newspaperman / журналист
имя существительное
journalist, columnist, newspaperman, newsman, publicist, pressman
имя существительное
a male newspaper journalist.
And yet, if our sources for the transient ‘facts’ we base our lives upon are examined, they are writers… scientific writers, journalists, newspapermen .
My father didn't want to be a businessman; he was a newspaperman for the Kyodo News Service.
I'll tell you about the newspaperman and the book publisher.
No newspaper, and no newspaperman , should ever be ashamed to entertain.
He knows that he is a newspaperman ; he suspects that he may be a writer.
Murdoch was, at first, a newspaperman , but his media odyssey the past 20 years has been in television.
Crusading newspaperman versus reactionary publisher was a stock trope of the first half of the twentieth century.
British and Australian newspapermen are still remarkably unabashed about the habit, and speak about it with shocking forthrightness.
Sure, but newspapermen have deadlines to make and papers to sell.
The supplement offers an insight into the day-to-day life of the Yorkshire Post and how it compares with the methods and outlook of the newspapermen of 250 years ago.
He talked to a few newspapermen who stood alongside.