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newsman / журналист, корреспондент, репортер
имя существительное
journalist, columnist, newspaperman, newsman, publicist, pressman
correspondent, reporter, questioner, newsman, correspondence clerk, newswriter
reporter, newsman, newshawk, pressman, legman, newswriter
имя существительное
a reporter or journalist.
The medical personnel then escorted Fuko out of the court, while policemen were busy holding off reporters and newsmen .
Throwing off a shiver, the newsman recovered to offer a succinct report on the effectiveness of the controversial police deterrent.
A newsman 's job is to report the news - not undermine natural inhibitions guided by centuries of moral teaching.
About a hundred people gathered on this tiny island off the northwest coast of Okinawa on Sunday to remember a newsman who brought war home in the most personal terms.
But executives at the public radio network recently removed the veteran newsman , making him a senior correspondent.
He recognized the troublesome newsman from the public TV station who actually covered the school committee meetings as part of his regular beat.
You claim full employment, high bovine productivity, and arrest the newsman who reported the numbers.
The Star was among the publications that reported the following day about the newsman being the ‘prime suspect’.
‘We were quite literally besieged for about two weeks, with newsmen camped on the doorstep, invading our offices and telephoning at the rate of one a minute,’ he wrote.
These two veteran newsmen would make national news themselves with their involvement in the case and would release a series of photographs that would shock the world!
I think newsmen are inclined to side with humanity rather than with authority and institutions.