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newsflash / экстренное сообщение, сводка о ходе выборов
имя существительное
экстренное сообщение
news flash
сводка о ходе выборов
news flash
имя существительное
a single item of important news that is broadcast separately and often interrupts other programs.
Let's just say the local news station had a newsflash devoted solely to the story of your engagement last night.
But the extra price jump yesterday followed a newsflash that a Louisiana pipeline hub was in better shape than expected.
Currently, I have a post-Christmas overdraft, but, as of five minutes ago, this BBC newsflash has put it in perspective.
When the newsflash came she thought the end was nigh.
When a newsflash comes out of Israel telling the world there has been a bomb blast in which three innocent bystanders have been killed it is immediately assumed to be linked to the bitter conflict with Palestine.
Later, I was devastated when a newsflash announced the plane had crashed, killing all on board.
It is easy to judge something that you know little about, we all do it, you read a story in the paper or watch a newsflash and you find yourself forming an opinion based on the limited amount of information you are fed.
Under America's Missing Broadcast Emergency Response, the moment a child is reported missing TV and radio programmes are interrupted with a newsflash and messages are beamed onto motorways signs to alert the public.
‘We interrupt this programme for an important newsflash ,’ said the news guy.
I remember waking on the Sunday morning back in 1997 when the newsflash came on the radio that Princess Diana had been killed in a car crash in Paris (the date will always stay with me because I lost a close friend the same morning).