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newscast / передача последних известий
имя существительное
передача последних известий
имя существительное
a radio or television broadcast of news reports.
Anybody I know relies on newspapers, radio newscasts, television newscasts to know what's going on in the world.
They also have to think about how to differentiate their newscast from the competition, this is why communication is so important.
In-depth reporting on a commercial newscast was recently attempted in Chicago, and it flopped.
On its evening newscast , state television showed ambulances rushing to the scene as huge crowds of people gathered outside the main gate of the mine.
In most cases, the stories received significantly better treatment in the newspaper than in the television newscast .
In these five cities, the hour-long newscast combines local broadcasting with prepackaged news.
Network news newscasts speak to somewhere between seven and 10 million homes each.
Most newscasts only partially reported the story without playing the actual sound of his comments.
In passenger concourses above, TV newscasts reported on the terrorist railway bombings in Madrid the day before.
Local newscasts around the country reported that as many as 10 million Americans suffered from an unrecognized disease.
Yet, almost all the newscasts and stories I've seen end with reporters trying to make that connection.