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newfangled / новомодный
имя прилагательное
newfangled, new, upstart, neoteric, new-fashioned
имя прилагательное
different from what one is used to; objectionably new.
I've no time for such newfangled nonsense
He spent millions developing golf courses, luring newfangled seaplanes, holding polo tournaments and attracting le bon ton of the Edwardian era.
The original recipe is now also offered with other fresh fruits blended in, like pineapple, strawberry or banana, but I'm too much of a purist to try any of these newfangled variations.
He'll think it's some sort of newfangled fashion.
If you were really lucky, you had one of those newfangled local commercial stations with DJs that talked really fast so they could fit the adverts in.
It seems that happiness today has been reduced to acquiring newfangled gadgets, gizmos or gigagobblers that do absolutely everything but clean the kitchen sink.
He rambles and manhandles the equipment, testily blaming newfangled technology when he has difficulty with basic tasks such as placing a compact disc in a player.
And Miracle Grill, a guacamole traditionalist for 17 years, now offers a newfangled pineapple version.
Which newfangled words made it into the dictionary?
What strange and fearsome newfangled world is this?
It's not the same kind of reporting, but it is reporting - newfangled reporting!