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newcomer / новичок, вновь прибывший, пришелец
имя существительное
beginner, novice, newcomer, rookie, recruit, neophyte
вновь прибывший
newcomer, arrival
newcomer, comer, incomer, new-come
имя существительное
a person or thing that has recently arrived in a place or joined a group.
There can be legitimate objections, as well as xenophobic ones, to a large number of newcomers arriving in a certain area.
He was a curate, new to the parish, and a newcomer to St Ursula's College, my first year in High School.
Falstaff is certainly a newcomer to the area, and dines at the homes of the Pages and the Fords.
If you are a newcomer to jazz then any of Coleman's Atlantic recordings are a good place to start.
Imago, a relative newcomer to the league of regional journals, was born at a difficult time.
One, as a newcomer to the party, he overestimates how liberal Democrats really are.
Though a relative term, she was something of a newcomer alongside more established artists.
However it was a huge success for Tara, a newcomer to the sport, to progress as far as she did and finish fifth over all.
Nicola is a newcomer to the sport having only started playing golf early this year.
Especially good was the latest newcomer to the group Paul Skidmore who played the Baroness with such elegance!
Laura is a relatively newcomer to the sport and only began competing at 13 years of age.