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newborn / новорожденный, возрожденный, возродившийся
имя прилагательное
newborn, arrival
regenerate, renewed, newborn
resurgent, reborn, newborn, recrudescent
имя существительное
newborn, neonate, arrival
имя прилагательное
(of a child or animal) recently or just born.
newborn babies
имя существительное
a recently born child or animal.
Some Inuit newborns are born with high blood pressure that persists into elementary school.
The life-long farmer was attempting to lift a newborn calf when the cow's hoof struck him.
The pond in our garden is a contained space and there has been much celebration of the quantity of newborn fish spotted recently and respectively by the wife, the cat and the local heron.
All of which are nature's ideal diet for a newborn calf.
The series includes episodes about newborn calves, an ailing horse, an orphaned lamb, a llama with a broken leg and an old dog with a brain tumour.
They will on some occasions attack small ailing domestic animals, newborn sheep and goats, eating parts of them.
That may change soon thanks to a newborn calf born healthy to the first cow cloned from a beef carcass.
Farm owner Jeff Marshall used the heart massage and mouth-to-mouth techniques he had learnt to save newborn calves and lambs to bring the youngster back to life.
Blindness is also a fairly common deformity in newborn sheep.
This deficiency is associated with anemia, a sore mouth and tongue and poor growth and spinal cord problems in newborn children.
The fact is that today blood screening is a normal part of a newborn child's life cycle.