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nevada / Невада
имя существительное
имя существительное
a state in the western US, on an arid plateau, almost totally in the Great Basin area; population 2,600,167 (est. 2008); capital, Carson City; statehood, Oct. 31, 1864 (36). It was acquired from Mexico in 1848. An abundance of gold and silver ore (called the Comstock Lode) was discovered in 1859 near Virginia City.
I do, though, hope that Nevadans won't stand for this judicial nullification of the people's will, and that they will promptly make clear that it is they who get to add or delete portions of the Nevada Constitution.
What I mean is that on most big-ticket issues - on the sorts of issues that, historically, elections turn on - most Nevadans disagreed more with the national Republican Party than they did with the Democrats.
If it turned out to be a typical Nevadan winter with blizzards all the way from November clear through to March, they were going to have their problems.
If anything, the Nevadan desert's fragility, as well as beauty, is an argument for putting such toxic material in a place where the local ecosystem could more easily absorb the impact of a lesser catastrophe.
The same day that Floridians voted to improve the plight of their working poor, Nevadans did so too.