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network / сеть, сетка, цепь
имя существительное
network, net, chain, web, system, circuit
grid, net, netting, network, reticle, lattice
chain, circuit, range, network, series, train
создавать сеть
передавать по радиосети
имя существительное
an arrangement of intersecting horizontal and vertical lines.
From the scene before him, he evolved a network of heavy criss-cross lines, the intervals between which were filled with colour as if seen behind a lattice.
a group or system of interconnected people or things.
a trade network
connect as or operate with a network.
the stock exchanges have proven to be resourceful in networking these deals
The Alamein line is one of two branch lines, neatly tucked away in the mid suburbs, that feeds into one of the main lines on the suburban network .
Wouldn't accepting the link negate the whole purpose of a social network ?
It was Beeching's axing of much of our railway network in the 1960s that got us partly into the public transport mess we are in now.
Phipps said that in the Internet world where the network truly is the computer, closed protocols have no place.
Once it's on your network, you can watch full screen streaming TV on any computer in your local network .
City of York Council said the network of jagged lines in the asphalt surface had been caused by someone apparently driving a Transit van over the new bridge on Sunday evening.
the introduction of a second TV network
a local cellular phone network
Cervical and brachial plexuses form a network of primary, interlacing nerves.
The electrical network in Butterworth belongs to the municipality and Eskom is investing this money on risk.