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nettle / крапива
имя существительное
обжигать крапивой
provoke, irritate, displease, annoy, exasperate, nettle
sting, hurt, wound, gall, nettle
имя существительное
a herbaceous plant that has jagged leaves covered with stinging hairs.
These so-called host plants include many broadleaf weeds and cover crops such as nettles , mallow, chicory, dandelion, thistles, bindweed, deadly nightshade, and many clovers.
irritate or annoy (someone).
I was nettled by Alene's tone of superiority
beat or sting (someone) with nettles.
The weeds on either side had been cut during the last few days, otherwise I suspect my legs would have been badly nettled .
Ninkovich will nettle critics of imperialism.
Docken, like dandelion, nettle , ground elder, bindweed and couch-grass belongs to that troublesome group of wild flowers called perennial weeds.
For instance, there are botanical-based hair colorants rich in herbs such as nettle , sage, red sorrel, rosemary and burdock.
Almost everyone is familiar with the nettle through its formidable sting, but few know about the important role it plays in the natural world.
But it's clear that some of the more caustic comments about them continue to nettle Mik Pyro.
Flea beetles also feed on many nongarden plants, including Virginia creeper, pokeweed, horse nettle , pigweed and wild mustard family plants.
What will also nettle Waugh is Ricky Ponting's success as Australia's new one-day skipper.
Perhaps it nettled me so much because it was so close to the truth.
I understood that Zannah was upset, and she had her reasons, but the cause of the effect didn't lie in my hands, and the way she was acting nettled me.
A thought kept hammering over and over in his head, sort of a worry that kept nettling him.