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netherlands / Нидерланды, Голландия
имя существительное
Netherlands, Low Countries
Holland, Netherlands
имя существительное
a country in western Europe, on the North Sea; population 16,716,000 (est. 2009); capital, Amsterdam; seat of government, The Hague; language, Dutch.
The seventeenth-century Dutch, with its antiquated script, was difficult to translate, even for a modern Netherlander , and several under-resourced attempts at it over the years had foundered for various reasons.
The assassination has shocked Netherlanders , who regard their country as tolerant and peaceful.
Significantly, the more elaborate figures of Netherlandish design often occupy sites on buildings, tombs, and other structures that traditionally held individual or corporate insignia.
Although there have been no dramatic shifts over the past year or two, focus has moved somewhat away from early Italian drawings towards eighteenth- and nineteenth-century German, French, Italian, Netherlandish and Dutch works.
Two pages of How to Read a Painting are devoted to an interpretation of just this triptych by the Netherlandish painter Hugo van der Goes.
The Dutch have at least 135 nude beaches, which just goes to show that Netherlanders aren't terribly worried about hiding their nether bits.
Between two relief sculptures of putti sit a Raphael drawing and a Netherlandish portrait of a man.
The last section of the book, titled ‘Painting and Sculpture,’ may be the most instructive to historians of Netherlandish art who focus on painting.
Visser was a Canadian born Netherlander .
But history has given the Netherlanders , all fifteen million of them, a land smaller than Bhutan; a worrying expanse of which is below sea level.