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nestle / прижаться, примоститься, угнездиться
cuddle, snuggle, nestle, nuzzle
nestle, nestle down
settle or lie comfortably within or against something.
the baby deer nestled in her arms
The Waiters household contains many of the traditional trappings of sentimental bliss: Women nestle snugly at home and babies merrily roll about.
The village would nestle on a massive brownfield site between Sheffield and Rotherham and is expected to bring a raft of social, economic and environmental benefits to the area.
picturesque villages nestle in the wooded hills
Twenty six villages of ethnic minorities nestle within the Doi Tung development area.
After a couple of weeks they have enough fur to survive the cold temperatures, and will often huddle together or nestle up to the doe to stay warm.
Mrs Grey Dove now has small brown hopping babies that nestle under her maternal wings at night.
He looked away as he felt her head nestle comfortably into his neck.
She had done that through-out the night when we'd woken up and she'd wanted to nestle back into my arms.
When the military's precision flying teams put on a demonstration, pilots often nestle their fighter jets within two or three feet of each other as they roar by in formation.
The houses would nestle on the comfortable laneway that has been signed for many years as Sussex Mews.