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nerve / нерв, нервы, наглость
имя существительное
impudence, insolence, audacity, nerve, effrontery, chutzpah
имя прилагательное
nervous, nerve, neural, jittery, jumpy, twitchy
придавать силу
potentiate, enforce, soup up, weight, nerve
придавать бодрость
придавать храбрость
имя существительное
(in the body) a whitish fiber or bundle of fibers that transmits impulses of sensation to the brain or spinal cord, and impulses from these to the muscles and organs.
the optic nerve
a person's mental state, in particular the extent to which they are agitated or worried.
an amazing journey that tested her nerves to the full
a person's steadiness, courage, and sense of purpose when facing a demanding situation.
the army's commanders were beginning to lose their nerve
a prominent unbranched rib in a leaf, especially in the midrib of the leaf of a moss.
brace oneself mentally to face a demanding situation.
she nerved herself to enter the room
So at this precise moment where others would lose their nerve , bottle and audience, he did what separates mere amateurs from The Greats like himself.
I'm glad someone had the nerve to write what they really think.
‘She had the nerve to lecture me about morals on the programme and now look at her,’ she said.
He says he chose Shakespeare's earliest comedy because ‘you slightly lose your nerve with Shakespeare’ in such a hiatus.
But he kept his nerve , geed up the bus system and forced it through at a time when he was politically vulnerable before the mayoral elections.
the army's commanders were beginning to lose their nerve
Three years back, I wouldn't have had the nerve to kneel down in public and feed a stray cat by myself, while people edged around me.
All sights, all things which are Lhasa's own beauty and peculiarity, would have to be seen by the lone woman explorer who had had the nerve to come to them from afar, the first of her sex.
People lose their nerve in the middle of a sentence and walk off muttering, they sit and brood by themselves, and best yet, all the time, people are getting stupid drunk.
We just have to nerve ourselves up, overcome the surprising yet overwhelming craving for some beta-blockers and a Marlboro Red, and do the best we can.