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neophyte / неофит, новичок
имя существительное
beginner, novice, newcomer, rookie, recruit, neophyte
имя прилагательное
convert, proselyte, catechumen, novice, converted, neophyte
имя существительное
a person who is new to a subject, skill, or belief.
four-day cooking classes are offered to neophytes and experts
A muddled story, poor editing, a neophyte director, less-than-stellar special effects, and a couple poor casting choices have combined to make the movie a shadow of what it could have been.
The actual English teaching that gets done in this situation may be minimal, while the neophyte teacher is busy struggling for survival.
It wasn't easy for a neophyte artist to break into the sometimes cutthroat toy business: When Kiwus was starting out, other artists wouldn't even share their secret recipes for sculpting wax.
As for the future, Washington offers the professional neophyte only his best wishes and a bit of advice he got from his own dad years ago.
The neophyte politician, who has served just one term on the Burnsville City Council, turned heads this summer when it was announced that her campaign had raked in more than half a million dollars.
Furthermore, experienced inspectors knew what, when, and how to pursue a subject that is unlikely to occur to a neophyte .
But teachers rarely do this sort of thing, as it threatens their livelihoods and, besides, they are only sitting beside the neophyte musician for about an hour a week.
a cast of neophyte actors
He has been teaching Clay about the Nation and the Muslim faith, and the neophyte is so taken with the religious leader that he begins calling himself Cassius X.
The neophyte actor, now 19, was plucked from a Scottish classroom some two years ago and cast in Sweet Sixteen, the stormy movie about a troubled young lad and his dealings with the mob.