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neologism / неологизм, введение неологизмов, употребление неологизмов
имя существительное
neologism, word of new mintage, neology, modernism, word of modern coinage
введение неологизмов
neologism, neology
употребление неологизмов
neologism, neology
имя существительное
a newly coined word or expression.
His work routinely exhibits a Joycean verbal playfulness and exuberance, and is littered with inventive neologisms and mixed metaphors.
Justifying speciesism takes us back to square one, but with an ugly, misleading and tendentious neologism thrown in.
‘I am not afraid of neologism ,’ wrote the fearless Professor Fowler.
No recondite phrase or pleasing neologism , it is a wordless summons like that made by the infant in distress.
At the risk of coining a fourth type (writers are only allowed one neologism per article) we could say that the global economy (and its attendant pollution) is itself 4th nature.
Their attempts to get around these logical points generally result in an orgy of neologism and grammatical originality that gives me eye-ache.
Like Clark Coolidge, whose verve depends on malapropism, neologism , and ricochet, Roberts bounces back and forth within a multivalent vocabulary.
Substituting catachresis for neologism lends the good historian another way of thinking about linguistic terms extralinguistically and the means to treat terms in thought-as if thinking, too, were an unexplored, historical datum.
But if you dress up the idea in a forbidding vocabulary, full of neologisms and recondite references to philosophy, then you may have a prescription for academic stardom.
Politicians invent neologisms and use words in a very imaginative way.
Elevation is lent to his language by archaic and poetic words and an admixture of neologisms , while his extensive use of metaphor more closely resembles poetic than prose usage.