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neocon / неоконсерваторов
имя существительное
a neoconservative.
And there was me thinking that the neocons only support democracies when they know their place.
имя прилагательное
(in politics) a person with neoconservative views.
To say that opponents of neoconservative policies overestimate neocon influence is not to say that neocons are mere impotent scribblers, however.
I really need to read up on this whole neocon thing and find who they really are and what they really think.
Not only America's cold war history but the British experience in the twentieth century has shaped neocon perceptions.
Even in a list of three, democracy promotion doesn't get so much as a mention - and that's from the best known neocon idealist in the administration.
There was a time (not that long ago) when this would have looked like yet another neocon power play to me.
There's probably a sweatshop in Bombay that can churn out neocon drivel at a far brisker pace and for less than 50 cents an hour.
We need to hold the line against the continued onslaught of this quasi fascist neocon administration on all fronts.
Why did he not locate the roots of neocon policies in business control of domestic and foreign societies for profit?
Anti-Americanism has an evil twin: the neocon campaign to malign the West's other democracies.
Theories about the tightly knit neocon cabal came in waves.
If they saw them as the latter, critics would set out instead to evaluate the validity of neocon ideas compared to other foreign policy proposals on offer.